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Legal Guidance For Creating And Enforcement Of Severance Agreements

We will take the time to review your rights and options and determine a proper course of action to achieve the most cost-effective resolution in your favor. Even after a severance agreement has been proposed or accepted, you may be in need of additional legal assistance to enforce your rights.

At Employee Advocates, LLC, serving the needs of employees and small business owners throughout Connecticut, we are prepared to handle all aspects of severance agreement negotiations, disputes and enforcement.

Severance Packages Can Protect Your Rights After Termination

Our lawyer will review a severance package offer, work to improve the conditions on your behalf, and litigate any disputes over failure to perform a severance commitment. In many cases we have been able to defend charges that a departed employee violated a severance commitment, including a noncompete clause. If you have not already accepted an agreement, we can work out an arrangement to collect additional compensation to accept a noncompete agreement.

  • Review of settlement package offers
  • Negotiating severance packages
  • Improvement of conditions and terms
  • Increase of compensation for noncompete clause
  • Negotiation, settlement and litigation over disputes
  • Representation for small businesses and franchises
  • Negotiation between employers and employees
  • Recovering compensation and protecting stock options
  • Representation for federal employees
  • Resolving discrimination, retaliation and termination disputes

We Represent Employees And Small Businesses

In employment disputes involving highly skilled professionals and executives, a fair severance package can protect the interests of the individual employee as well as minimize the conflict or tension when terminating employment. Our lawyer understands the complex and sensitive nature of these cases and will work to protect the best interests of employees and their families; and minimize exposure and impact to businesses as well as work to protect the best interests of employees and their families. Sometimes a fair severance or termination agreement is the best way to avoid other complications in employment law involving discrimination, insurance, workers’ compensation, harassment claims and other disputes.

For a free consultation to discuss your case with a Connecticut severance agreement attorney or to learn about employment law protections, please call 888-496-0638 or contact Employee Advocates, LLC, by email.