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Experienced Guidance On Employee Policy And Procedure For Business Owners

Whether you are starting a new company, have employment issues involving an existing business or are looking to protect yourself against future controversies, it is critical to consult with an experienced employment lawyer. Employee Advocates, LLC, is a Connecticut-based law firm focused on addressing the needs of small businesses as they navigate the complexities of employment law. We will take a personalized approach to address your legal questions and meet your business needs.

We Can Help Develop Your Personnel Policies And Employee Handbooks

An employment-related legal conflict can disrupt your business, create internal conflicts and ultimately affect your bottom line. We offer sound counsel and legal services with a business outlook focused on protecting your investments, business opportunities and long-term success. Our firm will help define policies that will insulate you from liability, provide counsel in the event of disputes, and develop long-term strategies to protect your business interests. We are also skilled in mediation, negotiation and settlement in the event of disputes.

Legal Guidance That Prevents Expensive Disputes

Every business demands ongoing innovation to succeed against competitors. It also requires attentive and long-term counsel to protect your rights and prevent future disputes. Our handbooks provide support and advocacy to small-business owners involving employment legal issues. We can help you create employee handbooks, discreetly address existing employment issues and work collaboratively to prevent future disputes. At every stage, we will remain mindful of your business objectives and the ultimate success of your operation.

For a free consultation to discuss your case with an employment lawyer or to learn about employment law protections, please call 888-496-0638 or contact Employee Advocates, LLC, by e-mail.