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We Fight For Victims Of Racial And Ethnic Discrimination

Though we are well into the 21st century, racial and ethnic minorities continue to face discrimination in the workplace on a regular basis. Unfortunately, failure to promote and a host of other adverse actions continue to be taken against minority workers.

At the Naugatuck-based Employee Advocates, LLC, we are passionate about helping employees stand up against racial and ethnic discrimination in Connecticut workplaces. Attorney Len McDermott has fought for employee rights in courtrooms across the state since 1997. We have successfully handled many employment discrimination cases, including those based on race. We will work tirelessly to vindicate your rights.

What Does Race-Based Discrimination Look Like?

Legally speaking, race discrimination can be defined as the harassment or disparate treatment of an employee by an employer on the basis of the employee’s race, ethnicity or national origin. As a Connecticut racial discrimination lawyer, Attorney McDermott has handled cases involving many different manifestations of this conduct, including:

  • Failure to hire an applicant due to his or her race/ethnicity
  • Failure to promote employees of one race in favor of employees of another race
  • Wrongful employee termination
  • Employees who were forced to quit because the harassment or hostility became overwhelming
  • Excluding members of a specific race or national origin from employee activities or outings
  • Continued exposure to racially charged jokes despite complaints

It can be a challenge for an employee to successfully assert a claim based on racial or ethnic discrimination. It is important for you as an employee to retain an attorney who has extensive experience in this area of law, one who can explain your rights and the steps that must be taken. You can find that kind of attorney at Employee Advocates, LLC.

Resolving Discrimination Disputes

If you believe you were discriminated against at work on the basis of your race, ethnicity or nationality, call a lawyer from Employee Advocates, LLC, to discuss your options. You can reach our Naugatuck office by calling toll free 888-496-0638 or by sending us an email. Your initial consultation is free.