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Combating Workplace Sexual Harassment In Connecticut

Sexual harassment in the workplace can range from improper comments or remarks, requests for sexual favors to keep your job and sexual advances to improper e-mails, jokes or any behavior that creates a hostile work environment for an employee. At Employee Advocates, LLC, our firm is experienced in the investigation and pursuit of claims involving sexual harassment against employers that fail to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. We also deal with claims involving retaliation for reporting wrongful or illegal conduct.

Extensive Experience With Hostile Work Environment Claims

You do not have to stay silent if you suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace. If you are a victim of harassment and you fear that you will get someone in trouble or create professional challenges for yourself, remember that you do have rights. Harassment by a fellow employee, co-worker, manager or upper management demands immediate attention. Our lawyer will counsel you through the process to protect your interests and your professional reputation, and help you get the results you need, whether you stay with the company or not.

  • Sexual assault or physical intimidation
  • Groping, fondling or other unwanted touching
  • Pressure for dates
  • Inappropriate e-mails or texts
  • Sexual advances outside the workplace
  • Same-sex discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Co-worker sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault or intimidation

Reporting Sexual Harassment

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, it is important to report the wrongdoing to an employer. This may not be necessary if the sexual harassment is by a supervisor, director, or owner. We will take the time to review your rights and options, including working toward a settlement agreement or filing a lawsuit with the company for failing to provide you with remedies and a sexual harassment-free workplace environment. If you think you have a claim or you have more questions about your rights, please feel free to call Attorney McDermott directly. Even if you had a prior relationship with the aggressor, you still have the right to be free from harassment in the workplace.

We Are Committed To Every Client

Attorney McDermott will work strategically to protect your rights, reputation and professional opportunities. For a free consultation to discuss your case with our Connecticut workplace sexual harassment attorney or to learn about employment law protections, please call 888-496-0638 or contact Employee Advocates, LLC, by email.