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Effective Solutions To Employment Law Disputes

Advocacy For Private And Public Employees

Employees are often at a disadvantage when confronted with complex employment law issues. When facing a conflict with a large corporation, you may be up against a large in-house human resources department. Even with small companies, you need an advocate who can stand up for your rights and apply appropriate law to protect your personal, financial and professional interests. Employee Advocates, LLC, is a Connecticut-based employment law firm dedicated to serving the needs of individual employees facing legal issues in the workplace.

Protect Your Rights And Your Professional Opportunities

In most cases, resolving a dispute out of court can minimize cost and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Whether you are interested in keeping your job, reaching a quick settlement, or simply collecting the wages and compensation due, we will remain mindful of your best interests.

Strategic Decisions In Employment Law Cases

In any employment law case, strategic decisions are critical. You can choose the forum for your case (state or federal), or pursue one agency or another in discrimination or harassment cases. You can also choose how long to stay in the administrative phase of a case before you pursue action in state or federal court.

The lawyer you enlist to assist you with your employment law matter can make a significant difference in the outcome. Our firm has extensive experience with the procedures and processes of the employment legal system. We know that using tactical strategies is not only critical, but necessary to a successful outcome in your case.

For a free consultation to discuss your case with a Connecticut employment law attorney or to learn about employment law protections, please call 888-496-0638 or contact Employee Advocates, LLC, by email.