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Disability Discrimination Case Settled

| Mar 15, 2019 | Uncategorized |

After attending a mediation at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Boston last week, we settled a case for a client who was not being provided reasonable accommodations for her disability. Our client is hearing impaired, and although the employer initially provided accommodations, they later stopped accommodating her by refusing to pay for necessary interpreting services. Although most of our EEOC mediations are held locally, we do occasionally travel to our nearest regional office in Boston.

Once a qualified individual with a disability requests an accommodation, employers have a duty to engage in an interactive process of accommodation. If an employer is not going to provide a requested accommodation, they need to articulate a non-discriminatory business reason why they can’t provide it, as well as engage in dialogue about appropriate alternatives to the requested accommodation.

If you are a qualified individual with a disability, you have the right to a reasonable accommodation. If your employer refuses to accommodate you or refuses to engage in the interactive process of accommodation, that is a form of disability discrimination.

If you feel that you’re being discriminated against based on your disability, or even if you just have questions about requesting a reasonable accommodation, please feel free to contact our office for a free phone consultation. You can call us at (203) 723-9610, or email us directly at to begin the process.