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Can My Employer Fire Me If I Legally Use Medical Marijuana?

| Oct 26, 2018 | Uncategorized |

We are getting a lot of questions about medical marijuana and how it affects employees in the work place. The good news is that if you’re a Connecticut resident who has a legal Medical Marijuana card, your employer cannot fire, penalize, or discriminate against you because you qualify to use palliative marijuana. If you’re applying for a new job, your potential employer cannot refuse to hire you because you have a Medical Marijuana card.

However, the employer does have the right to prohibit usage of marijuana during work hours and to discipline you for being intoxicated at work. The law does not allow for palliative marijuana usage “in the workplace,” which could also cover areas you wouldn’t think about, such as in the employer’s parking lot.

If your employer or future employer requires drug testing and knows about your medical marijuana usage, they cannot discriminate against you. However, if the employer is required to have a negative drug screen by federal law or to obtain federal funding, they do not have to hire you and can let you go. For example, if you have a Commercial Drivers License, you are not allowed to use medical marijuana.

If you feel you’ve been discriminated against or denied a job for having a medical marijuana card, call Employee Advocates, LLC for your free phone consultation.