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Attorney Len McDermott has represented men and women in family law cases for over twenty years. Family law consists of divorce, custody, child support, alimony and distribution of marital assists. This is a painful, emotional time for many couples and often, their children. My approach has always been to protect your rights and provide compassionate, personalized service. I also urge my clients to consider the best interests of the children.

We also offer mediation as a way for couples who are willing to come to an agreement on a fair distribution of assets, visitation, and child support. This is a way to save money and avoid expensive courtroom battles.

We offer a sliding scale so that your divorce and/ or custody litigation does not have to break your bank. Most of the time, we are able to negotiate settlements because most people do not want to go through a trial. However, if we can’t reach a reasonable settlement, we will fight for you at trial. Please feel free to call or email me directly at [email protected] .Or call Attorney Len McDermott at 203-723-9610. I offer a no cost telephone consultation.