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Disability Discrimination Case Settled

After attending a mediation at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Boston last week, we settled a case for a client who was not being provided reasonable accommodations for her disability. Our client is hearing impaired, and although the employer initially provided accommodations, they later stopped accommodating her by refusing to pay for necessary interpreting services. Although most of our EEOC mediations are held locally, we do occasionally travel to our nearest regional office in Boston.

Workplace Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Assault: What's the Difference?

With sexual assault and sexual harassment cases dominating the headlines, it's important to lay out the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. Though the two can be found in the same instance as sexual harassment can lead to assault, there are major differences in how they are handled.

Are You A Victim of Age Discrimination?

Are you an older employee who has been told you're "too slow," or you "need to catch up"? Have you been passed over for promotions that are given to younger employees even though you have more experience or seniority? Have you been terminated and feel it was due to your age? If so, you may have experienced age discrimination.

Sexual Harassment and Senate Bill 132: Time's Up Act

We have received a lot of calls regarding claims of sexual harassment in the workplace over the last six months. The publicity generated by the media reports has sparked a public debate. Some potential clients have complained that the statute of limitations to file sexual harassment/hostile work environment complaints is too short. I agree.

LGBTQ Case Settled

We recently settled a case with the State of Connecticut for a couple where one of the spouses was discriminated against and fired due to their sexual orientation. Our client was sexually harassed by a female supervisor, and after filing a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), was retailed against and fired on a trumped up charge of insubordination. Our client also identifies as transgender.

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