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LGBTQ Case Settled

We recently settled a case with the State of Connecticut for a couple where one of the spouses was discriminated against and fired due to their sexual orientation. Our client was sexually harassed by a female supervisor, and after filing a complaint with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO), was retailed against and fired on a trumped up charge of insubordination. Our client also identifies as transgender.

How to Know if You've Been Wrongfully Terminated

I receive a lot of calls from potential clients who believe they have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs. In each case, the termination sounds unfair. The employer fires the person for no reason (cause) or fires them based on incorrect facts. A firing may be factually wrong, morally wrong, and/or legally wrong. In Connecticut, we have to decide whether the firing is legally wrong. Has some law or public policy been violated?

Do You Really Need a Lawyer for an Unemployment Appeal?

Many people read the literature sent out from the Unemployment office, which tells you that you don't need to have an attorney with you at an Appeals Hearing. It also informs you that if your benefits are denied after the Appeals Hearing, you will have other opportunities to appeal. I get a lot of calls from people who didn't hire an experienced lawyer for their Hearing because they think that there are two other chances to appeal. While it's true that you have the opportunity to appeal again if necessary, the Appeals Hearing before the Referee is your only opportunity to present evidence and testify.